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What to do this weekend: 10-11 September



Saint Stephen's Church in Stockbridge will be hosting a two-day flea market between 10am and 4pm. Hunt for some pre-loved treasures: vintage clothes, furniture and other bits and bobs. StockFlea is also the opening event of the week-long Stockfest with other headline events such as Stockdish and Stockdog. 


Lyceum Theatre Open Day

As a warm-up event of the ever popular Edinburgh Doors Open Day (24-25 September) the Lyceum will open its doors this Saturday. There will be backstage tours and a range of workshops which you can book via Lyceum's website.

Gorgie City Farm Fest

Have you been to Gorgie City Farm yet? Yep, you can find a bunch of farm animals in the middle of the 'burgh. Their annual Farm Fest is on this Saturday and it's the prefect occasion for a visit. Read what's on and sign up for their Facebook event here.


Riding of the Marches

Here's your chance to watch 280 horses making their way up the Royal Mile, from Holyrood Park to the Mercat Cross between 3.10-3.55pm. Note that these timings are approximate and the Riding of the Marches has a full list of spectator vantage points here. For those interested in the history behind the march - it is the re-enactment of the Captain of the Trained Band's return to the city after the lost battle of Flodden in 1513.

Stockbridge Market

Happy 5th birthday to Stockbridge Market! Hard to believe it started only a few months before we moved to the Auld Reekie. Also they have a pretty good record of trading whatever the weather - only cancelling one market in 5 years due to high winds. Fingers crossed for sunshine this Sunday!

Have a nice weekend!
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