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What to do this weekend: 21-22 January

What to do this weekend: 21-22 January


Get your haggis

Thought we would warn you: don't forget to get your haggis for the upcoming Burns Night on 25th January! Every year we try to source the ingredients of our Burns Supper from local suppliers. So far we have tested haggis from the Castle Street Farmers' Market and Stockbridge Market - they were both delicious. Perhaps this year we should try some last minute BYO Burns kits from the Burns Bothy (116b Rose Street)?
If you decided not to cook your Burns Supper yourself, you are probably booked in for one of the following events:
  • Buck and Birch at Century General Store (28th January, Saturday) - they are the foraging guys behind the delicious Aelder elderberry licqour and their dinner will certainly make your tastebuds happy.
  • Fallachan Nights in Glasgow (28th and 29th January, Saturday and Sunday) - yes, it's totally worth the trip from the 'burgh!

Red Red Rose (Street)

As you're already in the Burns mood: there is a brand new festival in the 'burgh on Rose Street celebrating Rabbie Burns. From music to spoken word, they have various events happening between 21st and 27th January, check out their website to learn more.


Food Market Opening

This weekend is the soft launch of the Food and Flea Market at Sibbald Walk (by New Street) - soft launch meaning here that you will need to wait a bit longer for the flea. The good news: there will be delicious streetfood, brought to you by the guys behind The Pitt. Check the Facebook event for detailed vendor list.
The market is also a great occasion to check out Edinburgh's newest 'walk' - so new that Sibbald Walk is not even recognised by the search on Google Maps. Don't worry, it's easy to find by Canongate's new development area at New Street.


Camera Obscura

Have you ever been inside Camera Obscura or you just always passed by with the thought: oh I can just go in next time, right? Quite the usual attitude of locals and how wrong! Check out the photos on Instagram, the views from the top of Camera Obscura are pretty amazing and it looks like the perfect family day out. With the number of tourists being lower in winter, it's probably the best time to visit. Although this weekend's Teeny Tiny Toddler Fest tickets are not available online any more, you can still get tickets at the door.
If you can't make it this weekend, make sure you visit before the festival crowds arrive again. Mr Enthusiast still has not been, so I am thinking of taking him there soon!

Have a nice weekend!

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