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What to do this weekend: 1-2 July

What to do this weekend: 1-2 July


Edinburgh International Magic Festival

Get ready for some magic! The Edinburgh Internaional Magic Festival launches this weekend with signature events such as the Secret Room at Lauriston Castle, the Writers' Museum and Riddle's Court, MagicFair Lates and MagicFair Gala. If you are attending the Secret Room event at the Writers' Museum on Monday (3 July), you might even spot me and Mr Enthusiast.

Life & Style Edinburgh

If you follow Shawna of @exploringedinburgh on Instagram, you might have had a sneek peak of what's on offer. Life & Style Edinburgh is is a brand new summer event in the 'burgh featuring fashion, health and beauty as well as interiors, travels and tech. We are currently in the middle of re-decorating our home, so pretty excited that BoConcept, Anthropologie and Jenners are involved too. Read more about the event here.


Beyond Caravaggio

How about a gallery Saturday? The exhibition 'Beyond Caravaggio' has recently opened at the Scottish National Gallery and we highly recommend checking it out before the festival crowds arrive. The exhibition is part of the Edinburgh Art Festival.


Retina Festival Photomarathon

Do you love taking photos? This might be the event for you then. The Retina Photomarathon photo challenge covers 12 topics, 12 photos within 6 hours. 

Have a nice weekend!
What to do this weekend: 8-9 July

What to do this weekend: 8-9 July

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