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Edinburgh Art Festival: Art Late Instameet

Edinburgh Art Festival: Art Late Instameet

Last Thursday together with a small group of Scottish instagrammers I was lucky to attend the 

Edinburgh Art Festival

's signature event: the very first of this month's 

Art Lates

. Having attended Art Lates in the past, I was very much looking forward to the evening. Many thanks to Edinburgh Art Festival for having us!

Talbot Rice Gallery

Our first stop was at 

Talbot Rice Gallery

 at the Old College to check out exhibitions from Stephen Sutcliffe: Sex Symbols in Sandwich Signs and Jacob Kerray. Our favourite part was playing ping-pong at the Playfair Library. Yep, you read it right - ping-pong in the library, what could go wrong?

Dovecot Studios

Our second stop was 

Dovecot Studios

: today this is a tapestry studio, but did you know that it used to be a Victorian swimming pool? They even kept the old neon 'BATHS' sign. Dovecot currently has a group exhibition on investigating women's stories and textile histories.

At this point our Art Late group split into two and the first group went to see exploring 

The Number Shop

 and the MELON exhibition. I was in the second group which headed towards the Royal Mile to the Signet Library and the Museum of Childood.

Signet Library

If you have not yet visited the Upper Signet Library, this is your chance. The beautiful room hosts Czech-French photographer

Josef Koudelka's exhibition

: The Making of Landscape.

Museum of Childhood

Our next stop was the 

Museum of Childhood

 which I have not visited before and I was excited to check it out for the first time. Apologies for the slightly blurry photo of the bunny in the cabbage - it's something you need to check out in person! Our inner child had so much fun and we will certainly return.

List Festival Party at Summerhall

After a quick dinner at 


 we moved on to the final stop of the Art Late: the List Festival Party at 


. Let's say the 

Red Bastard

 made an appearance and things got wild!

What else is on at the Art Fest?

There are three more Art Late events happening this month and the Art Fest itself is on until 27 August. Most of the exhibitions and venues are free to visit so I recommend checking them out in the next couple of weeks - check what's on on the Art Fest 



The next Art Late participating venues are as follows.

  • Art Late 10 August: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Jupiter Artland
  • Art Late 17 August: Collective, Edinburgh Printmakers/Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, Custom Lane
  • Art Late 24 August: Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Trinity Apse and Stills/Chessels Court and Gladstone Court/Johnston Terrace Wildlife Garden, Fruitmarket Gallery

All Art Lates finish with live music at the final venue. Book your tickets via Eventbrite



All photos by The Edinburgh Ethusiast (C).

Acknowledgement: Even though our group of local instagrammers received free tickets from the Edinburgh Art Festival, the views and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and purely my own.

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